In Russian Federation on 1 March 2017 the Orders of the Russian Ministry of Health came into force approving the Rules of Good Pharmacy Practice and Good Practice for the Storage and Transport of Medicines

The named Good Practices are the demands for transportation and storage of medicines and for the activities of pharmaceutical organizations of all forms of incorporation.

A particular attention in the above-mentioned legal statues is payed to the creation and functioning of the quality management system in organizations complimenting the pharmaceutical activities. This system will provide to improve the quality of the services given by pharmacies to the Russian citizens.

Consulting activities

1.    In the Heath Care Sphere regarding the implementation of medical activity,

2.    In the sphere of the circulation of medicinal products for medical use in the territory of the Russian Federation. Pharmaceutical activity is the wholesale of medicinal products for medical use, storage of medicinal products for medical use,

3.    In the sphere of circulation of medical products concerning the turnover of drug substances, psychotropics and its precursors, cultivation of narcotic plants.

4.    In the matter of the complementation of production and/ or technical care (excluding the case when the technical care is complemented for the personal necessities of legal body or a private entrepreneur) of the medical equipment


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